Truck Accidents

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When you or a loved one is involved in an accident with a truck, it is vital to hire the services of an attorney. The damages from truck accidents are often 10x greater than car accidents and can be extremely expensive to treat. The sheer size and complexity of these accidents can make them difficult for someone who has not been trained on how to handle such cases and who has no experience. So, you will need a lawyer that will get the compensation you deserve. Marcus Smith Law will ensure your case is handled professionally regardless of what type of insurance company may be at fault because there could potentially be more than one party that was negligent during the time leading up to this event happening. If you're interested in exploring your legal options after an accident caused by a negligent truck driver, contact Marcus Smith Law today for a free consultation.

Truck Accidents - What Causes Them

In the United States, trucks make up less than 3% of all vehicles on the road. But truck accidents are responsible for 10% of all vehicle fatalities and 4% of injury crashes every year. That means that truck accident injuries are more fatal and debilitating than other types of car accidents. Truck drivers themselves also suffer from fatigue at a rate three times higher than non-commercial drivers. The causes of truck accidents can vary depending on various factors. However, driver's negligence or inattention is often an underlying cause that leads to these tragic incidents. Speeding, poorly loaded cargo, improperly maintained vehicles, distracted driving, and driving under the influence of alcohol also play a significant role in these accidents. Most times, some truck accidents are caused not by a truck driver’s negligence, but by another driver’s failure to take reasonable care when driving near a big rig. Driving too closely behind or tailgating is never safe for anyone on the roadway—not even if they're driving smaller vehicles like cars.

Common Damages In Truck Accidents:

Marcus Smith Law can pursue compensation for the following damages:

Investigating The Accident And Damages.

Your truck accident may have been a minor inconvenience or could have caused severe injuries. Either way, you deserve to know what happened and why it occurred. Our lawyers will fight for your compensation with the help of an extensive investigation that includes determining which party is at fault for the accident. And exploring all possible damages and injuries sustained during the collision. We'll work alongside experts in many fields to examine every detail of your case so we can find out exactly where responsibility lies, from faulty brakes on the truck to negligent driving by either driver. The first step is talking with one of our experienced attorneys who can answer any questions you might have about how we operate. Or if there's anything specific we should be looking into on your behalf.